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Kris Fournier Sold Our Home… and made the experience smoother than we ever thought possible!

We wanted to hear directly from Kris Fournier’s clients about their experiences. We asked Michelle and Craig Ling to share their experience.

Craig and Michelle Ling knew that the local real estate market was strong. This prompted them to see that it was the right time for them to downsize their home by selling and seizing the opportunity to build their own home. They knew about Kris Fournier through some friends who had recently listed and sold their home with him. After checking around, they heard only positive reviews from those who had experiences with Kris so they gave him a call for a consult. After meeting with a few agents but decided to list their home with Kris. They found him to be pleasant and easy to connect with. He was clearly knowledgeable about the real estate market and well prepared for their meeting. For Michelle, choosing to list their home was a challenge; a bit of an emotional roller coaster. She knew it was the right choice but there were a lot of emotions that went along with the choice. Kris helped to put her at ease. He was prepared and willing to answer any and all questions that they had and he demonstrated great respect for their wishes at every step of the process.

Michelle and Craig were delighted that the listing went remarkably smooth. Before they knew it, they received an offer on their home. The negotiation was a relatively simple process, much easier and smoother than they had expected. After discussing the offer with Kris, they presented a counter offer which was accepted by the buyer. And just like that, they had sold their first home. They are currently making plans and getting things ready to begin building their new home. Michelle and Craig were happy with their experience of working with Kris in selling their home. When asked to share the best advice that they had for home owners they said “Find a realtor you connect with, who makes you feel comfortable and confident in your choices, someone who is knowledgeable about the market and considers the needs your family may have.”

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