The expression "you only have one chance to make a first impression" applies in spades to the sale of homes; It's been said that buyers usually make up their minds within the first 15 seconds. Ok, it may take a little longer than that but...Critical to the "quick" sale of your home for top dollar, a "dressing up" of your home and property (often referred to as "staging") before the first potential buyer arrives can make a huge difference in whether you get an offer or  a "nice home, but" kind of feedback.

Curb Appeal  In addition to the overall state of the neighborhood, your house will be judged first on the way you have maintained the lot and the exterior of the building.

  • exterior maintenance includes siding, windows, doors and eaves. Make sure nothing is broken, damaged, clogged or in need of paint.
  • during the summer months keep the lawn mowed, flower gardens weeded, bushes trimmed (especially around the main entry into the house).
  • remove any clutter - buyers want to see the yard at its full potential.
  • during winter make sure the driveway and pathways are clear of snow and ice


The Entry This is the most important part of the house - the front door/entry is the VP of first impressions to your home. Make sure this area is free of all clutter: the door should be able to open fully without impediment; this is the area where you should place your most impressive piece of art work, a vase filled with fresh flowers to welcome prospective buyers or a zippy rug that adds pizzazz to the entry.   

De-cluttering Clutter, next to grubbiness, is perhaps the most negative aspect confronting a potential Buyer. Not only does it present a negative image, it prevents the buyer from seeing the true potential of the space available.
  • Clean out those overflowing closets and cupboards especially in the bedrooms, bathrooms and under the kitchen sink. And don't forget the front entry closet.
  • If your main rooms are overflowing with furniture you can remove and store or sell  some of it if it's no longer really needed in your new home. I can even help you
  • re arrange for better flow if necessary.
  • If you have a lot of knick-knacks, lets see what it looks like when some are packed up. It will be a change to what you're used to but that's ok, you're  moving :)
  • Window coverings can be another cheap and cheerful fix for your nice clean windows.
Following these simple points will make your house appear larger and allow prospective buyers to see the placement of their own possessions.


Clean Up and Spruce Up

  • Clean the bathrooms and the kitchens and any appliances that are going to remain with the house. New towels in the bathroom for showings always look good. A house that has been well cared for will sell much fastef than one that has been neglected.
  • Sounds and aromas can be used to create an ambience that most buyers will find appealing: e.g. soft music and a small pot of cinnamon water on the stove. No plugins or scented candles any more! Too many people with allergies these days.
  • A coat of paint can be a very inexpensive fix for a house that has been well-lived in. We will be happy to advise you on the most up to date colour selections that will appeal across the board. And finally, if you have bedding that's seen better days, a new comforter and shams can make a huge difference in your Master Bedroom.


Enhancing Positive Energy Levels

Have you ever noticed that when you enter certain homes they feel "just right" while others leave you inexplicably uncomfortable? Buyers are looking for that perfect home. The one that's clean and welcoming and well cared for. A home that makes them feel good the minute they walk in the door. Most buyers really can't "see past" your mess, your grubbiness, your clutter and your odd paint colours. That's not what they're watching on "the shows" and that's not what they want to buy. You, as the seller want the most you can get for your home in the least amount of time and with the least amount of stress. We're here to help make that happen! You can count on us. And, it won't cost you a fortune. It's mostly time, a few dollars and a new way of looking at the home you want to sell.




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