A home is a house brought to life

How do you make your house your own?                         
The answer is different for everyone.

What is universal is that when we buy real estate, we’re really adopting a particular lifestyle as well.  One that meets our needs at that particular time in our life.  This can often make buying and selling real estate such a difficult and complicated process. Which hopefully in the end, after we've determined our needs, concludes with an enjoyable and  satisfying result.

I can provide insight into every aspect of Charlottetown real estate as well as waterfront and vacation property and also into the often overlooked aspect of the transaction: providing the names of respected professionals such as lawyers and home inspectors as well as helping you adjust to your new home on the island.

I’ve provided a few helpful hints and reports that I thought you might find useful. Please don't hesitate to use them and if you have any suggestions as to how I can improve on these reports, I would be happy to hear from you.

When you call me to represent you, know that the business aspect of your transaction will be treated with the utmost importance and that the human element will never be forgotten.

Thank you,

Linda Anderson

House and Home Reports

How to Tile Your Backsplash in No Time!
This is a perfect weekend project to add value to your kitchen and make it look great!
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Stained but not forgotten...
They happen to the cautious as well as the careless and usually when we least expect it.
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Protect Your Pets in Your Home
It is up to you to ensure that your pets are kept out of harm’s way! 
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How to Build a Backyard Pond - Ducks not included! 
Planning the backyard of your new home can be a very exciting adventure for the whole family. 
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